Mental Health for Children and Young Adults


Mental health disorders are not limited to just adults. Mental health conditions and disorders can affect adolescents as well.  A lot of people discover they have some type of disorder before they reach the age of 24.  Conditions and disorders can range from phobias to deep depression and schizophrenia to bipolar disorder.  For instance, research shows that some disorders start at a young age, and worsen as it develops throughout ones life. Not only does this show true for conditions like autism and ADHD, well known childhood ailments, but also for disorders that affect moods, anxiety, and state of mind.Children and young adults might experience feelings of high stress as they get older, or have traumatic occurrences in their lives. In fact, it often happens that adolescents feel anxious while attending grade school or university, create and manage friendships, or for teens to experience periods of deep depression after a losing a family member.Mental disorders can cause ongoing, extreme symptoms that can affect children’s emotions, thoughts, actions, or daily activities.  These normal tasks can include attending school, sleeping, or even eating. A person’s brain can still be maturing and developing while going into their 20’s.  It makes a significant difference to know the early signs, and get support if needed.