We do not conduct disability or fitness for duty evaluations.
Please do no not schedule new patient appointments for this purpose.
We do not fill out disability forms for new patients.

Established patients – do not take a disability leave without first communicating with your medical provider or counselor. Disability paperwork will not be completed if you go out on leave without our knowledge.

There is a fee for completion of forms. Usual fee is $25 a page. Pre-payment must be received prior to forms being completed.

New Patients:
If you are new patients, Emanuel Martinez, MD and Associates office staff will check your benefits and contact you before your first visit to make you aware of your benefits. It is your responsibility to provide our office staff with accurate insurance information. This way you are aware of the out of pocket expenses if any and will be prepared to pay your cost share at time of your initial visit.

Established Patients:
Established patients should call or fax any insurance changes to the office prior to their visit. Please keep the office staff apprised of any changes or lapses in your insurance. This helps Emanuel Martinez, M.D. and Associates billing staff and they appreciate your cooperation.

Payments, Reminder Calls, & Rescheduling:

Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Our staff will collect your payment prior to you being seen for your appointment. We accept cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards with MasterCard/Visa logo. Checks will be deposited electronically. Please note we have a limited amount of cash on hand, please try and bring exact change.

Reminder Calls

Currently Emanuel Martinez, M.D. and Associates provide a courtesy reminder call as well as text and email messages 2 days prior to your appointment. This is a courtesy to remind you of an upcoming appointment it is your ultimate responsibility to keep record of your appointments.

Please keep your scheduled appointments. We do realize that emergencies occur. We would appreciate a call at least 24 hours prior to your appointment if you would like to cancel or reschedule. Appointment times are reserved for you and if you do not show, you will be billed a $50 missed appointment or late cancellation fee for that time.

New patients may reschedule their initial appointment as long as they call 24 hours prior to the visit.

We do not schedule new patients if they miss the first appointment or call at the last minute to cancel.

Patients are responsible for keeping their appointments and complying with the treatment plan.

Established patients will be seen promptly if not well. All changes in medications will be done during an office visit. We cannot treat you over the telephone. Missing appointments can disrupt your care and lead to a relapse of your symptoms. You have to be responsible for taking care of following-up with your provider before any prescription runs out.

Please do not call the office after-hours for routine matters such as rescheduling appointments etc. You should only contact the answering service if you are having a true emergency that cannot wait until the next business day.

We discourage patients calling in for prescription refills and routine matters after hours or on the weekends. No refills will be given after hours or on the weekend.

Prescription Refills:

Refills for all medications will be sent electronically or the prescription will be given to patient by hand to fill at a local Pharmacy. Please call and schedule an appointment before the prescriptions run out. We charged a nominal fee for calling in a refill prescription as part of the administrative costs due to your failure to keep your scheduled appointment.

We prefer to send Controlled medications electronically into your Pharmacy. Some controlled medications have to be on a written and signed prescription, which is then given to the patient. It is the patient’s responsibility to not misplace these prescriptions. No replacement prescription will be provided.

Please do not loose your prescriptions or the pills. Do not share your medication with your family members, friends or co-workers. This can be very dangerous. Diversion can be a problem with controlled medications. If someone steals a controlled medication, they can abuse it and also sell the medication. Please inform the police if this happens. We will not be able to refill controlled substances once this happens.

Please be responsible and do not carry all your pills in your pocket book etc. If you travel carry only the number of pills you need for your trip in the original bottle with the label.

Do not check in your medicine if you are flying.

Do not take extra medication; take medication as prescribed by your provider.

Discuss medications with your provider before making any changes on your own. You are responsible to use your medications diligently.

If you abuse medications, we will not be able to prescribe anymore and will refer you for treatment of addictions/detoxification.

Patients who take more medication than prescribed are at risk for severe consequences and are doing so at their own risk.

Patients have to take responsibility for taking medications as prescribed.

Any changes in dosage or medication must be discussed at an office visit.

Patient should not change their medications on their own. Non-compliance can lead to bad outcome. We will not be able to prescribe a medication that has been abused by a patient.

Mixing medications with alcohol as well as street drugs is dangerous and can lead to no more prescriptions called in and a recommendation to get help for a substance dependency problem.

Patient’s pharmacy benefits change on a frequent basis. The medication that has helped a patient to get well is usually the medication that keep them well. Pharmacy benefits are based on lowering the cost incurred by the pharmacy benefit company and not on any scientific evidence basis. If the patient is stable on a particular medication that is covered and the pharmacy benefits change, we will do paperwork to get approval for continuing you on the same medication. Please arrange to have the appropriate paperwork faxed to our office. We do not have the time and manpower to call the various companies but are willing to do the paperwork.


All information is confidential and no information is released without your written consent. We do coordinate care with patients PCP or therapist with the patient’s permission. If the patient’s family calls, we can gather information from them; however, we cannot give information to them without the patients written consent. Family members are encouraged to come in with the patient during their scheduled visit.

If a patient is a danger to self or others, we may have to call 911. We do not admit to the Hospital. Patients in a crisis should go to the nearest Hospital to be evaluated and be safe.

We do not release records that are subpoenaed without the patients signed consent. A Judge can issue a court order for release of records.

Termination of Care:

We terminate a relationship with the patient, if the patient decides to see another provider. Please inform my office as soon as this happens. Patient’s records or a summary of records will be transferred to the new provider.

Non-compliance with treatment recommendations is a cause for terminating care; we will provide you enough medicine if indicated for up to 30 days till you find another provider.

Please inform the office if you are terminating care. This way we can close your chart. After termination of care, we will not be involved in your care except for the following 30 days for emergencies only. If you decide to follow-up with your PCP, we can forward all the records to the PCP who will be taking complete responsibility for your care including emergencies etc. Please do not call Emanuel Martinez, M.D. and Associates in an emergency if you are getting all your refills from the PCP as we will are no longer be involved in your care.

We do not reschedule a patient who has terminated with us and has transferred care to another provider. We believe this behavior violates the trust between a provider and a patient.